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Terason for the Treatment of Varicose Veins

For the millions of individuals suffering from unsightly and painful varicose veins, the only available treatment used to be surgery. Now, the Terason™ 2000 Ultrasound System—the world’s first high-resolution, microminiaturized color duplex ultrasound scanner—is helping doctors offer hope for those patients. The Advanced Vein Center of Southern California is one of the first clinics to use this revolutionary technology as an integral part of their breakthrough treatments that eliminate varicose veins without painful surgery.

The Color Duplex Scan is a sophisticated ultrasound test that allows doctors to examine veins more closely. In particular, they can use the scan to look for possible obstructions in the deep vein system and to pinpoint the exact location of damaged valves. With this knowledge, doctors are then able to recommend the most effective treatment option for varicose vein sufferers, some of which require no surgery.

Terason is the medical imaging division of the Teratech Corporation, a company providing sophisticated sonar systems for the United States Department of Defense. The Terason™ 2000 Ultrasound System is the world’s first high-resolution, microminiaturized color duplex ultrasound scanner incorporated into a laptop computer weighing less than 10 pounds. This has been made possible by Terason’s patented computer chip technology that performs more than 10 billion calculations per second, yet consumes a fraction of the power of conventional computer chips. This allows doctors at the Advanced Vein Center to perform a Color Duplex Scan on its patients without the standard (and bulky) 300-pound ultrasound machine to get in the way.

The Advanced Vein Center is no stranger to the latest treatment technologies. It was one of first clinics in the world to offer LES-Vein, a breakthrough non-surgical treatment for varicose veins. Dr. Bruce Hoyle, founder of the Center, has extensive training and experience, and has been a pioneer in the treatment of unwanted veins. Under his direction, the Advanced Vein Center has become one of the world leaders in alternative vein treatments.