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Spider Vein Treatments

Varicose Vein treatments at the Advanced Vein Center of Orange CaliforniaAbout the Advanced Vein Center of Orange, California

The Doctors of the Advance Vein Center are able to treat the complete spectrum of vein disorders from small spider veins on the face to large bulging veins and venous ulcers on the legs.

The Advanced Vein Center is one of the very few medical offices in the country specializing in the Laser Endovenous Saphenous Vein Treatment - LES-Vein© . This procedure, is done in the doctor’s office on an outpatient basis with the use of a local anesthetic and a mild sedative if needed. The patient is awake throughout the procedure and able to resume normal activity almost immediately.

LES-Vein© is an innovative treatment that practically eliminates the need for older surgical treatments for varicose veins. With a 97% success rate, our advanced techniques enable patients to realize the best possible results.

The LES-Vein© Procedure works! Here's Why.
When the valves in the large saphenous vein in the leg do not function properly, venous blood under unusual pressure leaks back into the small vein system causing varicose and spider veins to appear near the surface of the skin. By controlling this leakage through the valves of the saphenous vein, we are very successful at eliminating the unwanted and unsightly veins from the lower extremities. View Video of Varicose Vein Treatments.

The LES-Vein© Procedure is accomplished by simply inserting a small needle into a vein near the knee and passing a tiny laser into the saphenous vein. The leaky vein is painlessly closed by pulling the laser back through the damaged area. Any discomfort is controlled locally and there is no need for general anesthesia.


After LES-Vein©?
Any enlarged, protruding varicose veins can then be quickly removed through microphlebectomy. Smaller spider veins on your hands or face can be removed easily through the use of LASER or sclerotherapy.

What is the difference between the various endovenous vein treatments?

Different Types of Vein Terms/Names
Deep Veins
are are located deep in the leg between muscle and fascia (tough fibrous tissue). They are responsible for returning 90-95% of the venous blood back to the heart. Perforating Veins link the deep and superficial veins together. Superficial Veins are usually affected by varicosities because they have little external support like the deep veins. These veins are visible from the skin when varicose. They drain the blood from the skin and are also responsible for blood storage. When these veins become varicose they can appear engorged and distended. This group also includes reticular veins and 'spider' veins. Reticular veins are small blue veins often seen through the skin. These are often the cause of spider veins, which are the tiniest blue purple veins seen in the skin.